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Texas Test Cutting Event June 2007

IMG_0066.JPG (72632 bytes)On Saturday June 9, 2007 ARMA Texas met in Magnolia, Texas for another test cutting event. Study groups from Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston were present.

A variety of targets were used during this event. Differing materials were used to show the different effects each would have on any given sword. The target materials included the following: water filled containers of varied sizes, cardboard tubes, and rolled paper wrapped around a center of Zurn Pex brand plastic tubing.

The sword types used and test results were similar overall to those from the March 2007 Test Cutting Event.



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Matt 1
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Matt 2
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Matt 3
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Erich 1
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Erich 2
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Erich 3
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Erich 4
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Broken Sword
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