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15th Annual TEMA Conference
University of Houston
October 15, 2005

The ARMA Northsiders were invited to read a paper and give a sword demonstration for the 2005 Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) conference in Houston, Texas. Sydney Yarbrough read a paper written by John Clements entitled, “What Did Historical Swords Weigh?” The paper was well received with many questions asked afterwards.

The following demonstration of various sword techniques was also well received. Our members who participated in this presentation of historically fact-based movements and sword usage deserve recognition as well. These persons include: Wes White, Kyle Cook, Sydney Yarbrough, and Alex Dickinson. Photos were taken by the official ARMA Northsiders photographer/member, Chris Center.

During the demonstration the five primary guards were shown, along with the essential longsword guards. Following this the basic eight cut exercise was reviewed along with a sword flourish. Next shown were the cut/counter-cut drills. To bring all the shown techniques into a real world application, sparring with full intent was used to close the session. Questions were asked after the demonstration.




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