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Longsword Seminar With
Stewart Feil of ARMA Provo

Saying that Stew Feil knows a little about longsword is kind of like saying that Bill Clinton knows a little about politics. One of the most senior of ARMA's senior free scholars, Stew has been a key figure in the success of the club in his home state of Utah.

In an intensive all-day seminar hosted by the Dallas-Fort Worth study group, Stew shared his knowledge of historical fencing with the longsword as well as training techniques with members of the various Texas ARMA study groups. In attendance from the NorthSiders were Kim Cook, Kyle Cook, and Truvey Fielder.

The seminar included all the basics of longsword, from the most basic of footwork to the varying guards and strikes, and included an extensive demonstration of the proper execution of the master cuts and their application in historical fencing.


Stew Explains the use of the two-colored waster as
a training aid to demonstrate long- and short-edge


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