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Polearms Seminar

On August 18, 2012, ARMA Houston hosted ARMA Director John Clements to teach a one-day seminar on quarterstaff and polearms. Members from Austin, Dallas, Denton, and Victoria, TX attended, as well as one from Missouri and one all the way from ARMA's remotest outpost in Guam! Mr. Clements taught the basic properties and handling of the quarterstaff and how it relates to our training in the longsword in the morning, along with how to fight against a staff or spear with a sword. After lunch we worked on using bladed polearms against the staff and against other polearms, and then things got really interesting. After some light free-play exercises with one spear against three swordsmen, we organized into two teams and practiced using spears and pikes in formation. It was especially eye-opening to experience that group dynamic in action and see how formation tactics worked, and everyone really enjoyed it. Afterward, Mr. Clements regaled us with his encyclopedic knowledge and storytelling at Texas Land and Cattle Company steakhouse. On Sunday morning some of the members in attendance got together for some additional free-play and tutoring before going home. All in all, it was an extremely educational and fun weekend.


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