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Jersey Village High School
Sword Workshop 2015

On February 18, 2015, ARMA Houston was invited back for the 10th time to do a beginning sword workshop for future fight choreographers. ARMA was represented by Kyle Cook, Stacy Clifford, Adam Lambert, and Anthony Mann.

This year added a new dimension to our work with Jersey Village in that, while we still taught longsword, we also worked on fight choreography for a performance. The longsword group worked on Basic Foot Work, Primary Guards, and Basic Cuts for longsword, and were also shown some cut/counter cut drills. A smaller group of students were taken aside to work out a rapier street fight scene between Cassio and Roderigo in Shakespeare's Othello for an upcoming drama competition. In addition to learning some historically accurate rapier techniques, the kids also learned about the motivations behind the combat actions they were depicting, the better to make the fight look more realistic. As an added bonus, we managed to work in the accidental killing of the Mayor of Venice and an impressive disarm by the intervening Iago!


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