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Jersey Village High School
Sword Workshop 2012

On April 21, 2012 the ARMA North Siders were invited back for the 7th year to do a beginning sword workshop for future fight choreographers. ARMA was rpresented by Kyle Cook, Stacy Clifford, Wes White, Jonathan Davis, Jonathan Suarez, Adam Bohnstengel, and Riley Rasmussen.

The workshop began with a short lecture and ARMA members demonstrating the proper uses of the Guards and Cuts in Free Play Sparring before splitting the class into groups. Each group worked on Basic Foot Work, Primary Guards, and Basic Cuts for longsword, and were also shown some cut/counter cut drills. The afternoon concluded with students demonstrating what they had learned. Pairing up into groups of two or four, the students demonstrated choreographs of their own short fight scenes. The day ended with a group picture.


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