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Jersey Village High School
Sword Workshop 2006

jv2006-13.jpg (52815 bytes)A beginning sword workshop for future fight choreographers was conducted at the Jersey Village High School on February 1, 2006. ARMA representatives included Kyle Cook, Sydney Yarbrough, Lyn Criner, and Wes White.

The workshop was a half-day event, beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at approximately 2:30 PM. Morning and afternoon sessions were held. The instruction took place in the school's theater. Although the theater was large, usable floor space was limited. Both the stage and theater aisles were used.

Before the first session, Sydney introduced the 125 drama students who attended to the workshop instructors and to ARMA, after which she outlined the day's agenda.

During the morning session, the students were split into three groups with two ARMA members assigned to the first group, two to the second group, and Kyle managing the third group. One instructor would demonstrate a technique, while the other would assist students. The curriculum for the morning session consisted of basic footwork and the four primary guards.

Class then broke for lunch and upon returning the instructors (by popular demand) presented a brief demonstration showing how the basic guards are used when sparring.

During the afternoon session the student were split into five groups with one ARMA member assigned to each group. The curriculum for the afternoon session consisted of some basic cuts, thrusting, and parrying.

After the second session concluded, students demonstrated what they had learned by pairing up with one another and choreographing their own short fight scene.

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