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Sydney Yarbrough, Kyle Cook, and Wes White presented six demonstrations at the Fort Bend Baptist Academy on Dec. 7, 2005. The demonstration was given at the high school gymnasium. Sydney began each demonstration with a brief introductory explanation about what ARMA is, and its purpose. After a brief lecture regarding ARMA history, Kyle demonstrated tiprogressions while Sydney explained the name, and function of each. Wes White followed up with several demonstrations of eight cut drills.

Each of the six demonstrations of the day included the following. Sydney performed a flourish. Kyle and Wes then demonstrated cut/counter-cut drills. During the cut/counter-cut drills, Sydney explained the function of each one respectively. A few moments were taken to inform the students of basic ARMA methodology and the four training tools. Next, Kyle and Wes sparred using longswords as Sydney gave commentary on the various techniques used.

Each of the six demonstrations that day ended with Sydney and Wes fighting. Sydney utilized the Messer while Wes was armed with sword and buckler.

The final demonstration of the day was Kyle and Wes sparring using a variety of armaments: longsword against short sword/buckler, longsword against short sword/dagger, and finally short sword/buckler against Zweihander.

After each demonstration the students were allowed to handle the various weapons, helms, and armor.

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