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Cub Scout Pack 355 October 2006

2006_1021ARMAdemos0064.jpg (224306 bytes)On Saturday October 21st, ARMA Houston North-Side visited Cub Scout Pack 355 for Pirate Days in Huntsville State Park, Texas. Kyle Cook, Stacy Clifford and Wes White presented the demonstration.

Kyle began by explaining what western martial arts are and dispelling common misconceptions that kids will often see in popular movies and cartoons. Stacy and Wes demonstrated guards and stances, basic cutting exercises and a floryshe with both longsword and sword and buckler while Kyle described how ARMA reconstructs these arts.

Next Kyle and Wes showed cut/countercut drills using wooden wasters, followed by Kyle and Stacy demonstrating with blunt steel swords. Then it was time for the sparring demonstration. Kyle, Stacy and Wes each took turns sparring with wooden and blunt steel longswords, as well as longsword against sword and buckler and sword and buckler vs. sword and buckler with both wood and steel as well.

The demonstration ended with the chance to examine and hold various swords, wasters and armor and ask questions to the presenters. Scout leaders commented afterward that they had never seen so many boys sit still for that long.


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