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Northwest Houston Grace
Tapestry Co-Op Oct. 2006

churchschool2006.jpg (123363 bytes)On Friday October 13th, ARMA Houston North-Side gave a demonstration to the Northwest Houston Grace Tapestry Co-Op, a home school group hosted by the Cypress United Methodist Church. Kyle Cook, Wes White, and Sydney Yarbrough were the presenters.

After an introduction and brief explanation about ARMA, Sydney Yarbrough began speaking about the focus of what ARMA does while Kyle Cook demonstrated a longsword floryshe and then Wes White showed a floryshe with short sword and buckler.

Ms. Yarbrough then took a moment to ask the group in general what they thought western martial arts were. Based on the answers offered, Ms. Yarbrough began to discuss some of the most common myths about swords and their use. Then Mr. Cook and Mr. White demonstrated the basic guards, stances, and footwork while Ms. Yarbrough spoke about the basic ARMA methodology.

Next Kyle and Wes demonstrated some cut - counter cut drills with blunt steel.

The presentation was concluded with a sparring demonstration. Kyle and Wes began with longswords, then Kyle and Sydney sparred longsword against sword and buckler, and finally Sydney and Wes went sword and buckler against sword and buckler. The session ended with the presenters fielding questions while the group viewed a variety of swords and armor pieces which Kyle Cook provided.


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