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On Tuesday April 19, 2005 the ARMA Houston Northsiders were asked to do a demo for Lorraine K. Stock. She is member of the English Department and teaches Medieval Literature. ARMA Northsiders Wes White, Mike Wrenn, Sydney Yarbrough and Kyle Cook presented a verbal, and visual display of purposeful sword articulation. Sydney Yarbrough gave voice to ARMA's basic principals of thought, and views of how to utilize swords for their intended purpose. The Northsiders presented basic guards, cuts, and showed proper use of intent with control of various bladed weapons. Cut/counter-cut drills were utilized to show the different situations in which basic guards and cuts were used. After presenting various techniques, free-play sparring was demonstrated using wooden wasters, and blunt steel longswords. This presentation was very well received. There was an insightful question and answer session, as well as a time to allow the student body to physically handle the equipment used in the presentation: swords (wooden, and steel), and armor.


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