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Houston MTP 1.0 January 2014

On Saturday January 18, 2014 ARMA members met in Missouri City, Texas for a MTP 1.0 seminar taught by ARMA Director John Clements. Thirty members attended from all over Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and even as far away as exotic New Jersey. With the assistance of ARMA Deputy Director John Farthing, Mr. Clements covered the ARMA longsword curriculum, focusing on core concepts and principles and frequently quoting from the source manuals to illustrate a point. Many new members were in attendance who frequently commented on how effective and easy to understand this seminar made the Art of Defence for them. After the seminar, ARMA Houston member Kyle Cook played his prize in the longsword. Kyle faced 25 opponents and decidedly won 54 out of 70 bouts in less than 36 minutes (a new record for the quickest Prize) to earn the rank of Free Scholar. On the following Sunday morning, many of our out of town visitors attended ARMA Houston's regular morning practice to work on concepts learned the previous day, try their hand at rapier or sword & buckler, and of course engage in yet more vigorous free play with fresh partners. It was a very successful weekend full of scholarship and action, enjoyed by all, and we expect that everyone's practice will benefit greatly from the experience.


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