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Historical Fencing Seminar for Drama Club

Future Thespians Learn Application of Authentic Duelling Techniques To Improve Theatrical Swordplay.

On November 10, 2004, the Houston North-Siders Study Group presented a lecture/demonstration of Western Martial Arts at Jersey Village High School. The presentation was geared towards educating young drama students to the realities of Historical Fencing, allowing them to improve their theatrical swordplay techniques.

Study Group members Kyle Cook, Truvey Fielder, and Sydney Yarbrough hosted the class. It began with Sydney Yarbrough giving a brief lecture concerning the ARMA philosophy and study methodology, followed by a history of European swords and swordplay throughout the 12th to 17th centuries. A question/answer section followed.

After a lunch break, Kyle and Sydney presented a demonstration of full speed sparring with wooden weapons. A hands-on portion followed where the students were shown proper footwork as well as basic guards and cuts. The students were also taught proper martial technique and warned of fallacies that were often seen in modern sword choreography.

Following the training session, students then broke off into groups and demonstrated their newfound knowledge in several short stage choreography presentations.


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