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Cub Scouts Day Camp Demo
June 9, 2004

The Arma North Siders Study Group performed their first Renaissance Martial Arts demonstration at the Cub Scouts Day Camp in Rosenberg Texas on June 9, 2004. The historical fencing demonstration started with an explanation of ARMA and its purposes, followed by an exhibition of stances and practice drills. Sparring with wasters followed. Afterwards, each of the scouts was allowed to examine the weapons. Most were surprised and how light and maneuverable the swords were!

In attendance were Kyle Cook, Erich Wagner, Sydney Yarbrough, Michael Wrenn, and Truvey Fielder. Assisting were Janet Wrenn and Sharon Wagner. The day proved to be a huge success! At the gift shop, where toy swords were being sold, within minutes after the demonstration, they were sold out!

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Highlights From the Demonstration


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